European feel with a Houston address

Location: 13 Celsius

Recommended time: After work

The perfect pair: S’mores and Marques Murrieta tempranillo from Rioja, España ‘14



Walking into 13 Celsius each time is like stepping away from Houston and into a European wine bar. It reminds us so much of time we have spent in Europe and specifically reminds me of a little wine bar that my husband and I fell in love with on an adventure in Bruges. I’m not even sure if the place had a name, but it sure has a place in my heart. The fact that 13 Celsius is so similar has me wondering how we made it so long without making this a staple in our rotation. The literal lack of a name on the building or any sort of signage, peeling paint, and marble accents all add up for the most perfect setting to escape the stresses of the daily grind. The last time we went, we went as a group of 4 gal pals meeting for a glass of wine after work. We stayed for 4 and a half hours. Four and a half hours, three bottles of wine, one cheese and charcuterie board, and one order of s’mores.

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Staying for hours on end is incredibly easy to do here. The perfect amount white noise surrounds you in your cozy chairs or on a couch and leads you to have the best conversations and loose track of time. Like I had mentioned, this past trip was a girls night following a long day of work. All four girls that were there work in the downtown area and 13 Celsius is the easiest location to make it to even in crazy 5:00 traffic. We all made it there quickly and with ease.



First things first. We needed wine, cheese, and charcuterie to the table ASAP. We went with the small combination board with two types of cheese and two types of salami. For all the combination boards you get to choose whatever cheese and meats you would like. All the options sounded delicious and we don’t think you can go wrong. We were feeling like we wanted to stick with more spanish flavors (because we had our eyes on a tempranillo for our first bottle) so we picked the iberico salchichon and the chorizo for our salami. As for the cheese, we finally decided on the Manchego and then went off the spanish vibes for the second with cru di capra, which is a firm goat cheese (always a crowd pleaser). Our wine choice was the Marques Murrieta tempranillo from Rioja, España ‘14 and it was perfect. Easy to drink and so wonderful we almost ordered another when it was finished. That’s no fun though! We had to try something else, so we ordered the Vasse Felix cabernet sauvignon from Margaret River, Australia ‘10.
IMG-0220Darkness set in and we were still gathered around the table. The cheese board was long gone and we knew what we HAD to order. The s’mores. We had seen other tables order them and they looked too fun to pass up. Making s’mores is the most nostalgic feeling. The board comes with a little flame and you actually roast the marshmallows at the table. The order of s’mores comes with enough materials for 6. These are not your typical backyard s’mores roasted on an old wire hanger. I have nothing…absolutely nothing against Hershey’s chocolate and your basic, typical S’more. However, these were incredible. The chocolate is Lindt, there are thin sliced apples and dried cranberries you can add, and there are two little spoons on the board with scoops of Nutella and Peanut butter. You can go crazy with the combinations. We kept getting distracted with our talking and burning our marshmallows and could not stop laughing about it. Just like we did as kids… Who ever actually had the patience for the perfect golden brown marshmallow? Making these on a weekday night vs. a weekend treat felt a little indulgent in the best way, as did the bottle of Malbec we added along with them.


One million percent we recommend 13 Celsius for any occasion. The pals have nothing but love for this place and will be visiting for years to come. There are wines for every price point and there are different seating arrangements to suit your needs. **Bonus: On Sunday’s all uncorked bottles are half off. ** We can’t wait to hear how much you love it. Better yet — shoot us a comment, insta dm, or email us and we will meet you there!


Peace & Pinot,


The Perfectly Paired Pals




One thought on “European feel with a Houston address

  1. Would love to have happy hour with the perfectly paired gals – I’ll send a message next time I head over and I hope you all will be able to join me!


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