Happy Hour on the Patio

Location: Calle OnzeIMG-0004

Recommended Time: Happy Hour!

Perfect Pair: House Margarita and Guacamole


Tried a new hot spot this week and we were not disappointed! While we didn’t have wine or cheese at happy hour this week, we enjoyed our time outside on the most perfect outdoor patio. Some things never change. The temps are FINALLY cooling down here in Houston, and we couldn’t be happier. As you know we LOVE sitting outside, so this spot is perfect for us! If you like places with a trendy vibe and great cocktails then you have to go to Calle Onze!


IMG-0003Happy Hour lasts from 4-6 every day and there are some great deals you won’t want to miss. The basic cocktails are only $6 during happy hour. These include the House
Margarita, Frozen Margarita, Mexican Mule, Mojito, Paloma, Sangria, and a Calle Onze specialty. We tried the margaritas and palomas; and boy were we pleased. Based on these two drinks we don’t think you can go wrong with any of their cocktails. Next time we want to for sure try the Sangria.


While the food is not on special during Happy Hour, it is a must to have something to IMG-0008snack on while having a delicious drink. Calle Onze does a great job making sure all their food pairs well with the plethora of drink options. We ordered a few different things that were all crowd pleasers. First we ordered the guacamole, because come on it seems wrong to have a margarita without some guac. Even with a smaller group, we finished it off in what seemed like 30 seconds. If it doesn’t last longer than 1 minute on the table, that’s when you know it’s good. Next we ordered the quesadillas. Fun fact about me, my absolute favorite food is quesadillas. I could eat them every meal for the rest of my life. So for that reason, I feel I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my favorite food. These were really good! The portion is a little small so you may be best to have it as an app and not your whole meal, but if you weren’t starving it would be enough for a light dinner! The last thing we ordered was the oysters. We know not everyone is a fan of oysters, or you have a particular way that you like them cooked, and oysters can be very expensive. We found these to be reasonably priced and quite delicious. There were lots of other things in the dinner menu we want to go back and try!


If you’re looking for a great outdoor patio for the beautiful fall weather that will eventually make its way to Houston, check out Calle Onze. This is different than our normal spot, but just may have earned a place in the happy hour rotation.


Where are you going to Happy Hour this week? We are always looking for new places to try!


Peace & Pinot,


The Perfectly Paired Pals


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